What A Bail Bondsman Will Ask You Upon Your First Call

When you or a loved one is in trouble and arrested by law enforcement you will be taken into custody. During that time a bond will be set for that person.

Whenever someone is arrested a difficult time is created for the family. The hard phone call and abrupt timing will create confusions with plenty of questions left to be answered. There will be plenty of new information coming your way and you will be doing your best to answer everything the best you can.

Our Justice Bail Bonds team can help you navigate these turbulent water in a calm fashion. We can provide simple information that can calm that anxiety in the event you are ever in need for a bail bond.

There are three things a bail bondsman will ask of you when you are called for a bond. Knowing in advance these answers to these five questions can mean a very big difference in how to handle this situation as best as possible.

What Is The Full Name Of The Defendant?

Judges will set bail based off of a ‘bail schedule’. After the bail is set you can approach the bail company which you will be asked The Straight off the bat the most obvious questions would be what is the full name of the defendant? We must find the full legal name to use. If you can provide us with their booking number that would be very helpful to us when finding the defendant, but it is not necessary).

Where Is The Defendant Being Held?

The defendant will be held in a jail that is in the jurisdiction from the city they were arrested. Although this happens the majority of time this may not always be the case. Depending on factors such as mental health, level of threat, affiliations, etc. they may be placed in a different location that best serves the best option. First you must find the jurisdiction during your phone call with the defendant. Often times you can find the location through inmate locators online or federal sites that publish the registration number for the inmate. You can also call surrounding jurisdictions for information and guiding you on your journey to find the inmate.

How Much Is The Bail Set For?

Knowing how much the bail is set for is a must to bail your loved one out of jail. Bail is determined by a number of factors such as their level of threat, criminal history, and the probability of the defendant missing their court date. Even today courts are starting to use math and algorithms to determine the amount set on bail based on age and criminal history. The bail amount can also change and rise if new circumstances are found once the defendant is arrested by the police department. There will be times due to criminal history bail is waived all together.

Information regarding this first initial phone is crucial for the bailbondsman. If you do not have these answers, it’s okay! If more information is needed we will help work on finding the information needed to find them. There are moments we are able to located an inmates booking number even from a few bits of information.

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